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Typically, beginning April 1 and ending in mid-November, the Department of Streets and Sanitation posts orange paper no-parking signs on residential streets approximately two days in advance of street sweeping and is required to post these at least 24 hours in advance.

These signs are removed after the sweeper has completed the area to open parking spots back up to the neighborhood. We encourage you to move your vehicle to help clean streets and prevent flooding.

Each section is posted for 2 days. As much as possible, the sweeper aims to cover the north side of east-west streets and the west side of north-south streets on the first day before moving on to the east and south sides on the second day.

Permanent street signs posted along commercial/arterial streets indicate the day(s) of the week and times (7AM-9AM) for street sweeping. Failure to move a vehicle from a posted no-parking zone may result in a $60 fine during street sweeping days.

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